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Our Services

Core Services

Sailing With Confidence: We understand the importance of peace of mind when embarking on your marine journey. When applying for your charter license, paying charter fees, clearing customs, rest assured - we leave no detail unattended.

Shore Support

Docked or anchored we've got your back! Our experienced team provides seamless shore support services, taking care of everything from visa extensions, animal permits, master licensing, and more. So you can focus on savoring the beauty of The Bahamas.

Luxury Services

VAT Services

Get set to Sail with Windermere and embark on an extraordinary journey like no other. From gourmet provisions to one-stop entertainment and tailor-made itineraries, we've got everything you need!

We take pride in offering VAT services for your utmost convenience. With our seasoned agents ready to assist, let us handle your VAT registration and filings at Windermere Yacht Services.

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