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Luxury Services

Immerse yourself in luxury, exclusivity, and the sheer beauty of The Bahamas—with our unrivaled luxury services, your yachting experience will elevate to extraordinary heights. As a premier luxury services provider, we strive to exceed your expectations by meticulously curating a spectrum of tailored services, ensuring your time in The Bahamas is absolutely unforgettable.

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Dockage & Berthing Reservations

We make every port of call become a treasured memory. Experience comfort and convenience at our preferred and select marinas in The Bahamas, from secure berths to seamless harbor arrangements.

Private Transportation & VIP Services 

Where Excellence Meets Exploration, We’re Your Key to the Ultimate Escape. Experience The Bahamas like never before with our Private Transportation & VIP Services.

Onshore Excursions & Activities

Unlock the treasures of The Bahamas with our curated onshore excursions & activities. From thrilling ocean adventures to serene landscapes, We Connect You to unforgettable  experiences. Tailored to your taste, booked to your convenience. "Dive into Beauty, Bask in Luxury, Explore with Us."

Spa & Beauty Services

Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and rejuvenation, where our skilled professionals cater to your every need.


From tantalizing delicacies to the finest libations, we curate a feast of flavors with the freshest ingredients tailored to your discerning palette. Our industry acclaimed provisioners respond to the most fastidious of requests and delivers with priority and punctuality. “Seas the Plate: Sail and savor with us”.

Itinerary Planning

Crafting Unforgettable Journeys in the Heart of the Bahamas. From Personal Getaways to Group Adventures, Event Celebrations to Tailor-Made Yacht Expeditions, We Design the Path to Your Perfect Paradise. Your Dream. Our Expertise. One Extraordinary Experience"

Entertainment & Events

Transforming Moments into Memories: Your vision, Our expertise in entertainment & event Organization. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, we craft exquisite Bahamas experiences. "Let the Horizon Be Your Backdrop, as We Bring Your Dreams to Life on Land or Sea."

Concierge Travel Services

From dream destinations to seamless itineraries, we orchestrate every detail to perfection. Let us craft your voyage with a touch of luxury and a dash of adventure, ensuring each moment becomes an unforgettable chapter around our Bahama Islands, or across the globe.

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