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Shore Support

Discover a world of seamless yacht operations and flawless voyages with our exclusive Shore Support Services. From exotic animal pet permits to provisioning, we take care of every detail, allowing you to focus on the pure pleasure of yachting in The Bahamas.

Shore support 

Animal Permits

No member of the family gets left behind with our Domestic Animal Importation service. Four legged friends fly and sail with us!

Black Water and Waste Removals

Black Water & Waste Removal Service ensures eco-friendly practices for your yacht, preserving the pristine beauty of The Bahamas’ waters for generations to come.


Stay fueled for boundless exploration amidst the turquoise wonders of 'Bahama Backyard'.

Crew Services

Set sail with a crew that thrives. We both support your current crew’s dynamic needs, and offer you qualified potential candidates to fill those integral roles onboard.

Cruising Permit Extensions

Our cruising permit extension service ensures your yachting adventure in The Bahamas ends only when you want it. Extend your voyage and embrace the freedom to go further, we’ll handle the rest.

Master Licensing

For all the additional licenses needed for your multiple Captains to command the helm with compliance. We help with new issue licenses, and duplicates of pre-issued licenses.

Port and Safety Inspections

Arrangement of quick yet effective Vessel Safety Inspections by a Certified Bahamas Port Department Safety Inspector.


Our Visa Extension Service takes care of the paperwork, allowing you to extend your stay and immerse yourself in your trip for longer.

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