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Introducing Windermere Yacht Services

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Imagine this: Your charter season in The Bahamas has been a smashing success, with raving guests and a crew radiating that true maritime spirit. Suddenly, opportunity calls, and now you and your vessel are setting course for Fort Lauderdale. We know that The Bahamas can offer a seamless in and outbound clearance for your multiple annual visits, and let’s be honest, amidst all the nautical checklists, clearing out of The Bahamas might slip down to the bottom. But it's crucial to remember that even paradise has its boundaries—a minimum of a $5,000 boundary.

It is precisely during these pivotal moments we invite you onboard Windermere Yacht Services. Seamlessness is not just a word; it's a commitment anchored into our nautical DNA.

We understand that true luxury exists beyond the opulence of amenities; it resides in the seamless orchestration of experiences. Our crew, well-versed in all things Vessel Clearances, VAT Preparation, Provisioning, and every other facet of the yachting life— stands ready for you to open the door to an experience where we don’t just meet your needs – we anticipate them.

As your maritime companions, we ensure that every aspect is flawlessly handled, and every detail meticulously addressed. Our commitment to your experience is unwavering, and from the instant you connect with us, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of native hospitality.

Welcome to Windermere Yacht Services: “Where Luxury Sets Sail”. Join us on a voyage designed for those who seek the open sea and life’s finer touches.”

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